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If you have an idea, let me help you turn it into a reality.

With over 10 years experience in the industry

I can help with any aspect of design, to meet any budget.

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As well as designing for other people,

I have  designed and manufactured some unique

upcycled products in my basement studio.

For me, the word 'gift' is over-used, so I prefer to focus on 'presents': something thoughtful and unique.

If you see something you like, but want to make it more personal, email me at


I am a designer! In the past few years, I have taken thousands of photographs, designed hundreds of products and made more prototypes than I can remember. In spite of offers for advancement along a career in design management, I have chosen to remain as a designer. This is because I really believe that good design can improve the world, whether that is in the context of sustainability, usability or problem solving. My main interest is taking an idea and turning it into a useful, beautiful product that can improve a process or make life easier, and bring a bit of joy and fun into life. 

Good design matters, and if you have a great idea for a product, I have the practice, skills and ability to take that idea and turn it into a real, ready to manufacture product. My holistic, solution-focused approach can help you overcome any hurdles to create something truly wonderful. Get in touch to find out how I could help with any or all aspects of the process.


I love creating and some of my own ideas have become a reality, and are available to purchase in the shop section above, and at several retail outlets. Now I work with my lovely wife, Rachel, who heads up the retail and marketing side so I can focus on design.

I also love taking commissions and would be happy to take forward any suggestions to turn them into pieces of art, jewellery, or as a personal gift for a loved one. 


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